Hazardous And Solid Waste Testing

Hazardous And Solid Waste Testing

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What is this service?
               The hazardous and solid waste testing services checks the waste on different parameters and suggest different management practices for managing each type of waste.


* In hazardous waste testing, the solid waste sample is tested on various parameters such as the level of hazardous contaminants, bacterial level, ignitability, reactivity and toxicity. The type of test method that has to be applied for testing the waste sample depends upon the industry.

Why it is required?
           The hazardous and solid waste testing is required for any industry or facility that generates waste during manufacturing process. The waste stream must be evaluated to determine the composition, quantity and the level of hazardousness.


* The hazardous materials testing is also required for the waste stream as if the waste is hazardous, it will require special management.


 Following tests are performed for Hazardous and Solid Waste Testing :

* Moisture * Total Organic Matter
* Loss on Drying @550°C * Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen
* pH * Total Nitrogen
* Conductivity * Hexavalent Chromium
* Volatile Substance * Sodium absorption ratio
* Non Volatile Substance * Phosphorus
* Total Organic Carbon